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Roberto Gil Mora & Architects Imagination, creative use of resources and materials, aesthetics and technology form part of the everyday practice in the studio. 

Roberto Gil Mora is a licensed Architect by the American University in Managua, Nicaragua; Has a Tri Continental Master’s degree in Advanced Architecture and Design by the European University in Madrid; Professional practice as an architect in the Tongji Architectural Design (Group)Co., Ltd.(TJAD) in Shanghai, which is one of the leader architecture groups in China with the widest range of disciplines in the country. He has also collaborated as an invited architect in the New School of Architecture and Design in SD, CA.


The studio is an avant-garde group dedicated to deliver the best design possible. Our team has a global experience,  also having a local knowledge on the field and building codes. We like working with clients whose projects and minds are as ambitious as we are.

Having our group of architects and engineers working together from the initial design stages of each project allows us to give the best solutions surpassing the usual standards. 

All knowledge and essential investigation is combined in the process of creating an intelligent, aesthetically and functional project. Doing so, we create a friendly design process between client and architect.

Our goal is to accomplish the best design experience in every project we undertake. In Roberto Gil Mora and Architects we consider that the human factor is the most important element in every piece of architecture. 


Roberto Gil Mora & Arquitectos - de un país donde los sueños se alcanzan.